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About Forest Property Valuations

Forest Property Valuations is a leading valuation firm serving Sydney, Melbourne, and surrounding regions since 2005. Our team of qualified valuers specialise in providing accurate and compliant property appraisals for all purposes.
Our commitment to integrity, experience, and utilising the latest technology sets us apart in the industry. We provide prompt, reliable, and expert valuations to enable our clients to make confident, informed property decisions.

Meet the Team

William Downing

Managing Director
John established Forest Property Valuations in 2005 and oversees the company’s operations and growth strategy. He is a Certified Practising Valuer with over 20 years experience in the valuation sector.

Jane Adams

Senior Valuer
With 15 years valuation experience, Jane manages our team of valuers and ensures all appraisals exceed industry compliance standards before release. She has conducted over 3000 valuations across residential and commercial properties.

Mark Ashmore

Commercial Valuer
Mark focuses on valuations for retail, industrial, office, and other commercial properties. He is highly regarded for his expertise in commercial valuations for lending purposes.

Michelle Lee

Residential Valuer
Michelle has 10 years experience in valuating residential homes, units, townhouses, and apartments. She is known for her meticulous property reports and regularly provides evidence as an expert witness.

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We are committed to integrity, experience, and utilising the latest technology to provide prompt, reliable, and expert property valuations. Contact us today to discover why we are the top choice for Sydney and Melbourne property valuations.